Smoke Detectors

Smoke detector

In conjunction with the American Red Cross the Plattsburg Fire Protection District has available smoke detectors and batteries to provide (including installation) to the citizens within its district.  Smoke detector batteries should be changed every spring and fall when we change our clocks for day light savings time.  Smoke detectors should be tested by pushing the test button on a monthly basis.  There should be a smoke detector in every bedroom, hallway, and basement at the minimum with additional locations as house layout and room use would suggest.  Plattsburg Fire can conduct a house safety check and recommend additional locations for smoke detectors.  A smoke detector life is 10 years and should be changed out for a new one after 10 years.  All of these services are provided to our residents at no cost.



CO2 DetectorIf you have gas appliances you should have a carbon monoxide detector on each floor of your house also.  Carbon monoxide detectors should have there batteries changed out in the spring and fall.  They also have a 10 year life and should be changed out.





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